The Smartchic Subreddit’s Top 5 Cooking Tips

Dr. Tyler Buckley

July 15, 2022

Dr. Tyler Buckley


The Internet is a great place to find tips on how to cook, and the cooking subreddit is no different. Smart chic asked its readers for their best tips for cooking. One tip that was given was to add water to leftovers before putting them in the microwave. This will soften and keep the leftovers moist. Some other tips are to sprinkle salt on food before you cook it and to set out all of your ingredients before you start cooking. Some people also said that you shouldn’t cook while doing laundry.

Get a thermometer for the kitchen.

If you like to cook, you may have wished you had a thermometer in the kitchen. A meat thermometer isn’t needed for every kitchen project, but it can be very helpful for those whose recipes call for long cooking times. The Taylor Precision Digital Cooking Thermometer is a cheap option, but Cole suggests investing in a thermometer that can give you accurate readings without affecting the quality of the food.

A meat thermometer is a useful tool in the kitchen that measures how hot meat and poultry are. It is put into the meat and shows how hot it is in the middle. If used right, it can make sure that the meat is cooked just right. A meat thermometer can be used for many things, such as grilling or roasting. Here are some tips for cooking:

Set up the ingredients before you cook.

Getting your ingredients together before you start cooking is a great way to speed up the process. If you are making a very complicated cake recipe, you might need to put the ingredients in separate bowls based on what they are. You can also set them up by where they are, like by the stove. By making a plan of the steps, you’ll know where everything needs to be. Once you have your ingredients set up, you’ll have more time to focus on cooking.

Before cooking, it’s important to put your ingredients and tools together. So, when you’re ready to cook, you can find what you need quickly. Make sure to put the ingredients in the order they will be used so you can find them quickly when it’s time to use them. Then, cut down on the time between steps by getting the next step’s ingredients ready. And don’t forget to pick it up as you go! These simple tips will make it easy for you to cook anything.

To make food jump around on your tongue, add salt.

By adding salt to food, you can change how it tastes. The salt wakes up the sugar receptors in the tongue, which only respond to sugar when salt is present. Salt also gives food an interesting crunch. When you put a little bit of salt in a dish, it makes the food jump around on your tongue and makes it taste better. Salt is one of the best natural ingredients for food and cooking, and most of the time, just a pinch of salt is enough to make something taste better.

Use a knife to make food.

When preparing food to cook, you should make sure to cut your ingredients in the right way. Using the wrong method to cut food can dull the blade, so it’s important to cut food carefully and safely. One safe way to cut food is to learn how to hold a knife the right way. For example, when cutting up vegetables, you shouldn’t slam the blade on the cutting board. Instead, use your non-knife hand to move the food under the knife and press down on the edge of the blade. To get the hang of this method, you should also try it out on some carrots or onions first.

In a dry place, you should use a good knife. Choose a chef’s knife with a dry handle if you can. The cutting board should also be clean and dry. This will make sure that you always use a clean, healthy knife when you cook. You can cook like a professional chef if you know the right words and how to use a sharp knife. Using the right method in the kitchen can save you a lot of time.

Use your senses

Using all of your senses when cooking can help you make better choices. Listen to your gut and use your sense of smell when you’re shopping for food. When choosing an ingredient, think about how it feels and tastes. Even thumping it lets you feel how fresh it is. Also, use your taste buds to choose the right kind of vegetables. If a certain vegetable isn’t in season, you might want to switch it out for one that looks better.

The human nose can recognize more than 10,000 different smells, which makes it a great shopping tool. Using your senses when you cook can make the process more fun and the food taste better. The smell of foods cooked in a steaming pot will make you want to eat them right away. In the same way, the taste of a dish can make your mouth water, which is the first step in deciding whether or not you want to eat it.