Dr. Tyler Buckley

is a Medical Oncologist/Hematologist based in Lewiston, Idaho.

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Dr. Tyler H. Buckley is a Medical Oncologist/Hematologist based in Lewiston, Idaho, and is affiliated with St. Joseph Regional Medical Center. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine and has been practicing medicine for 9 years.

As a Board Certified Medical Oncologist, Dr. Tyler H. Buckley specializes in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of various types of cancer. He employs diagnostic tools such as tissue and liquid biopsies, radiologic studies, along with genetic and molecular profiling to create a precise, personalized cancer management plan. He directs the use of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies to treat numerous cancers. He also collaborates closely with surgical and radiation oncologists for a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care.

As a Board Certified Hematologist, Dr. Tyler H. Buckley has advanced training and skills in diagnosing, treating, and/or preventing blood diseases and cancers. He diagnoses and treats blood cancers such as Hodgkins, non-Hodgkins lymphomas, leukemias, plasma cell disorders such as myeloma, and bone marrow failure syndrome. He additionally specializes in the treatment and prevention of blood clotting and bleeding disorders, anemias including iron deficiency, and myeloproliferative disorders.

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